Spirit week is Feb 6-10.  There will be sports, games, and a dance. 
Monday is "Make a friend day": Crazy pants day & wear a name tag day! (please no holes, no sweats, and no PJ's)
Tuesday "Summer in February":  wear your Hawaiian Shirts and sunglasses (please no hats)
Wednesday: Wear a tie day! any kind you like, boys and girls alike. The crazier the better.
Thursday: Crazy polo day.  Come to school in the craziest polo that you have!  This is also the day of the dance. Wear something to show off your moves.
Friday is "Crazy hair day": Dye your hair, spike up your un-spikable hair, go overboard! (just make sure you hair changes back to normal for Monday)

01/26/2012 3:06pm

I can't wuit! ^^

Ben Asato
02/01/2012 10:50am

I can't wait to wear crazy things!!!! :D

02/05/2012 5:36pm

I love to get crazy and wear crazy things! This coming week will be supper fun! I can't wait to show off my crazy pants, polo, and most importantly my crazy hair! Can't wait!!!

02/07/2012 9:05am

THis is going to b great


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