This year, Kennedy Jr. High is sponsoring a fundraising sale of delicious World's Finest Chocolate!
The sale begins Thursday, September 15th
The sale ends Tuesday, September 27th
Delivery will be the week of October 10th

Sell to family members, co-workers, friends & close neighbors. Great gifts!
Our school earns 50% profit on all items sold! Funds will be used for school sponsored student activities & programs and student incentives.
PRIZES: One drawing coupon for each $10 sold. Lots of winners. Drawing prizes include 5 one-pound chocolate bars, free dance admit card for the year, school sweatshirt, school backpack & pom pom, free tardy pass, and more!
Individual prizes for students selling $25, $50, $75, $100, and $250.
Group prize for top selling advisory class.

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