Our school has a Community Council that is made up of elected parents and elected teachers to represent our community and promote student achievement. 
We need parents interested in being a representative in school matters  to come and get involved.  To be eligible a parent must have a student enrolled in the school for at least one of the years (two year term) and may not be employed by the school for more than an average of six hours per week per month.  Elections will take place within the next month.
If you would like to be on the Community Council then this page has applications to print, or you can contract our principal for more information about the Council or how you can help our students be ready for college, career and life.
We hope all our students had an excellent summer and can still remember everything you learned last year.  School begins August 27th.  You should have received your schedule in the mail already (or soon).  Find where your locker is before school starts and then make your way to your advisory class. There have been some changes over the summer to our school and we have high hopes for this year.  Again- we hope you had a great summer, and we are all excited to start another great year.
If you were in 6th grade last year, welcome to junior high!  We are excited to meet you all and show you our school and introduce ourselves. We will hold an orientation day the Friday before school starts for all incoming 7th graders.  Friday the 24th of August, meet in the Auditorium at 8:30-9:00, there will be people to show you where to go.  We will talk about the school layout, classes to take, school rules, extra curricular activies t and make sure you feel comfortable starting at your new school.  We can't wait to meet you!